• 3:07 3:07
  • Golden Boy Golden Boy
  • Shadow of Paradise Shadow of Paradise
  • Still Processing Still Processing
  • The Final Touch The Final Touch
  • The Scarecrows The Scarecrows
  • Wavelengths Wavelengths

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Cinépolis Chelsea Mon, Nov 15, 2021 4:30 PM
Film Details
Running Time:91
Film Genres:Women & Girls
Women Directors
Asian American
War & Conflict
Middle East
Human Rights
Voices of Canada


This block explores grief and how we grapple with loss. (Total Running Time: 91 MIN)

3:07 | Director: Megan Miller
A personal expression of transformation, as a mother turns her grief and silence around a stillbirth into an expression of remembrance. - Elyse Wang (UK, 12 MIN)

The Final Touch | Director: Claire Maske
A mortician explains the embalming process while considering a family's last moments to say goodbye to their loved one.  - Samah Ali (USA, 7 MIN)

Golden Boy | Director: Kitty Hu
A poignant portrait of intercultural and intergenerational communication, as a young girl and her dad navigate grief and healing while caring for her mother. -  Elyse Wang (USA, 21 MIN)

The Scarecrows | Director: Dan Hodgson
A village in Japan populates its empty town with scarecrows to keep its aging inhabitants company. A quiet look into how a community lives, dies, and must ultimately adapt to changing times.  -  Elyse Wang  (UK, 17 MIN)

Shadow of Paradise | Director: Sahar al-Sawaf, Thomas Helman
Lush hand-painted imagery accompanies Sahar al-Sawaf's reflective film on her family's fading memories and legacy in post-Desert Storm Iraq. - Dewitt Davis (USA, 7 MIN)

Still Processing | Director: Sophy Romvari
Director Sophy Romvari grapples with a family death in this bittersweet meta-documentary following her journey in unpacking grief. - Samah Ali (CANADA, 17 MIN)

Wavelengths | Director: Jessie Zinn
This tender documentary carefully features personal stories shared between strangers on a Bay Area abortion hotline. - Samah Ali (USA/SOUTH AFRICA, 10 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Several Members of the filmmaking teams.

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Included Shorts

3:07 (12min) More
The Final Touch (7min) More
Golden Boy (21min) More
The Scarecrows (17min) More
Shadow of Paradise (7min) More
Still Processing (17min) More
Wavelengths (10min) More