• Descended From The Promised Land: The Legacy Of Black Wall Street Descended From The Promised Land: The Legacy Of Black Wall Street
  • Freedom Swimmer Freedom Swimmer
  • Nasir Nasir
  • Night & Day Night & Day
  • Space Is Quite A Lot Of Things Space Is Quite A Lot Of Things
  • To The Future, With Love To The Future, With Love
  • Twins Twins

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Cinépolis Chelsea Tue, Nov 16, 2021 9:35 PM
Film Details
Running Time:87
Film Genres:Family
Law & Justice
Women Directors
Asian American
Sex & Relationships
African American


Stories about born and chosen families. (Total Running Time: 87 MIN)

Descended from the Promised Land: The Legacy of Black Wall Street | Director: Nailah Jefferson
An intimate look at the lingering economic, psychological, and emotional impacts of the Tulsa Massacre through the lens of descendants. - Elyse Wang (USA, 22 MIN)

Freedom Swimmer | Director: Olivia Martin-McGuire
A hybrid animation documentary, Freedom Swimmer draws parallels between protestors escaping to Hong Kong in the 20th century with the city's current, ongoing fight for democracy as a new generation grapples with the building pressure to leave their home behind  - Elyse Wang (AUSTRALIA/HONG KONG/FRANCE/UK, 15 MIN)

Nasir | Director: Nasir Bailey, Jackson Kroopf
A raw, vulnerable celebration of acceptance, Nasir is a quiet film reflecting on the first steps of expressing who you were always meant to be. - Elyse Wang  (USA, 17 MIN)

Night & Day | Director: Paolo Bitanga
A tender look at three generations of motherhood and music in a bittersweet recollection of filmmaker Paolo Bitanga's last Christmas with his grandmother. - Samah Ali (PHILIPPINES/USA, 10 MIN)

Space Is Quite a Lot of Things | Director: August Joensalo
A poetic look at gender through the eyes of four trans individuals creates a psychedelic, philosophical, and joyful journey exploring the different ways we can relate to gender and our bodies. - Elyse Wang (FINLAND, SWEDEN, 11 MIN)

To The Future, With Love | Director: Shaleece Haas
A young, queer Guatemalan-American shows us their life and dreams for their future through endearing, illustrative animation. - Elyse Wang (USA, 7 MIN)

Twins | Director: Odin Wadleigh
A collection of siblings discuss the unique experience of being twins. - Samah Ali (USA, 5 MIN)

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Included Shorts

Descended From The Promised Land: The Legacy Of Black Wall Street (22min) More
Freedom Swimmer (15min) More
Nasir (17min) More
Night & Day (10min) More
Space Is Quite A Lot Of Things (11min) More
To The Future, With Love (7min) More
Twins (5min) More